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    Get Your Players Ready for the Season!

    The world's number one producer of instructional coaching videos, Championship Productions, and Austin McBeth, a former walk-on for Iowa State's basketball team (now a college coach), have collaborated on a new online training tool for aspiring basketball players called "Smart Basketball Training".

    The online video basketball training tool was developed over the past two years by McBeth, who this past season was an assistant coach at DMACC, who finished the 2015 season ranked #4 in the D-II JUCO rankings. McBeth works as Smart Basketball Training's Lead Trainer for the online video training program.

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    Learn more about Smart Basketball Training!

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  • 12/14/15--22:00: Junk Defense Set
  • BD-01055: with Homer Drew,
    former head coach Valparaiso University
    1998 "Sweet Sixteen"

    In this great video, Drew outlines the alignments and adjustments for box-and-one coverage using chalkboard and on-court demonstration. Particular attention is paid to high post denial, defending against flash-cutters, and adjusting to offensive overloads. Included are drills to improve player communication and simulate game-like situations. Drew includes instruction for adjusting the box-and-one into a diamond-and-one or a triangle-and-two.

    1999. 53 minutes.

    BD-03368: with Rick Majerus,
    former St. Louis University Head Coach;
    former University of Utah Head Coach,
    1998 National Coach of the Year,
    career winning percentage of .741 - (ranks fourth among active Division 1 coaches)

    Frustrate your opponent's top two scorers! Prevent your opponent from getting into rhythm offensively!

    Former National Coach of the Year Rick Majerus unveils for the first time his philosophy on the triangle and two defense. Majerus shows you how this "disruptor defense," when used on a selective basis, can immobilize your opponent.

    Majerus teaches and demonstrates the critical components of aggressive close outs and how to defend various cutters, screens and hand-offs. Majerus presents an in-depth discussion on player responsibilities as they relate to the three defensive zones utilized in this baffling defense.

    He shows the "fake and fade" technique to prevent shooters from being able to "rhythm up" and get open looks at the basket. By taking away their shot, players are forced to become drivers and dribble into the triangle. To counter dribble penetration and assist with box-out responsibilities, Majerus teaches the "sliding the triangle." He also provides game clips that reinforce the various concepts of this dominating defense.

    Cut off your opponent's life blood and force them to prepare for one more defense; the Triangle and Two!

    105 minutes. 2009.

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    with Fran Fraschilla,
    International Basketball Analyst for ESPN,
    former Division I college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John's University and University of New Mexico),
    former NABC District II Coach of the Year and MAAC Coach of the Year

    Fran Fraschilla compiles the latest and greatest ideas on basketball offense from his decades of experience as a coach and as an ESPN analyst to deliver the ultimate guide to the Horns offense. You will see how to use the options in this offensive system to create a structured motion that can be tailored to suit the talents of your personnel.

    In addition to these motion offense concepts, Coach Fraschilla also shows you over 25 set plays being used at the highest levels of basketball, such as the NBA and international play.

    The Horns Offense

    Learn the central principles to the Horns offense, including the spacing and roles of players in the offense. Coach Fraschilla shows you how to string together a series of 2- and 3-player actions in a structured motion based on four main types of cuts.

    With every cut, you will learn the options that your players can utilize by reading the defense, as well as the technique required to score from those actions. Offensive actions include playing off of wide pin downs, dribble hand-offs, ball screens, flex cuts, dribble penetration and more.

    Ball Screens

    See how to improve the effectiveness of ball screens in your offense with the set plays and concepts that Coach Fraschilla has learned from studying the best teams in the world. Some of the keys to these plays are to incorporate false motion to scramble the defense, optimize spacing and separate your post from their defender as they sprint into a ball screen.

    Learn how to use new tactics to execute ball screens, including flip screens for defenders that go under, the short roll versus aggressive defenses, back action for sagging defenders and the invisible screen to open up gaps for dribble penetration.

    Set Plays

    Coach Fraschilla expands on other scoring options with more than 15 set plays. A series of plays taken from the best teams in international basketball will show you how to score off staggered screens, pin downs, flex screens and post ups. The Horns set that Argentina has used to great success in recent international play is broken down in detail. You will see how multiple options can be created from this set to score off lobs, ball screens and down screens.

    Multiple plays are also shown to help you create isolations for your best players and teach them how to score in late game situations. Coach Fraschilla explains how the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors flowed into the Horns offense with a secondary break that utilizes wide pin downs and stagger screens to free up shooters.

    Fran Fraschilla has assembled the must-have resource for any coach who uses the Horns alignment in their offense. You'll be able to take bits and pieces from the video and implement them into your Horns offense or improve your preferred style of play.

    149 minutes. 2016.

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    with Hubie Brown,
    Distinguished member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame,
    2x NBA Coach of the Year; 2x Sports Emmy Nominee as NBA Analyst (1994, 1999)

    Leadership and organization go hand in hand when teaching the game of basketball to any level. The basketball court is an extension of the classroom, where your players learn and maximize their potential. Hall of Fame coach Hubie Brown has seen it all in his long, esteemed career in basketball. He has taught collegiate courses on how to build a coaching philosophy, and how to put this philosophy into action.

    Coach Brown takes you through a detailed course on how to become better at your craft.

    In this lecture-style clinic, he passes on the best ideas that he has learned through his experiences as a coach and television analyst. You will get insight on a variety of topics ranging from leadership, to practice planning and game strategy.

    Leadership and Organization

    Coach Brown describes the characteristics that define great leadership, concepts for enhancing your players' learning experience, considerations in establishing rules for your program, and the five dangers to avoid in coaching and in life.

    Organization is important in all areas of your program, and will allow you to effectively use your time to teach. The basketball court is an extension of the classroom, and players/coaches need to continue to learn to progress. Even at the NBA level, learning is important. Players become invested and buy into the program. Organization makes you a better teacher and allows you to accomplish your tasks every day.

    Practice Planning

    Coach Brown discusses how to construct your practices with a variety of ideas that will enable you to optimally prepare your players for victory. He shares his progression of practice segments, how to manage time throughout practice, and recommends the types of drills you should be running to sufficiently cover concepts such as defense, fast breaks, shooting and special situations. You will also get ideas on how to incorporate daily lessons into your practices and to positively handle a loss from the previous night's game in your next practice.

    Coach Brown details the six main shooting drills he has done through the years. He focuses on passing in his shooting drills in order to develop quick footwork and releases while executing proper shooting technique.

    Game Management

    Many games come down to the final minutes, and a coach's knowledge and ability to make the right decision under pressure can determine wins or losses for their players. Learn how to improve the efficiency of your time outs, what you need to know in deciding your plays for late game situations and how to win with a team that will be regularly outmatched. Finally, Coach Brown tells you how to get the most out of your defense by emphasizing three key stats and making tactical changes during the course of the game.

    Refine your coaching philosophy with the best practices that basketball legend Hubie Brown has learned through his own experiences.

    Produced at the Fall 2015 Toronto clinic.

    76 minutes. 2016.

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    with Geno Auriemma,
    900 career wins - fastest coach to reach 900 wins;
    2015 National Championship Coach,
    winning back-to-back-to-back national championships (2013-15)

    Great defense can take you far on the road to a championship, but games aren't won 0-0. The ability to score points in the ever-changing world of basketball is vital for team success. Legendary coach Geno Auriemma explains the concepts, drills and plays he's used to excel in both man-to-man and zone offenses.Offense Breakdown Drills

    Discover how to build your offense with breakdown drills that fine tune technique and build skill. Coach Auriemma stresses the importance of individual skill development within the offensive progressions, and shows you the drills he uses to improve the passing, dribbling, shooting, cutting and screening of his players. He includes two drills that train players to attack the basket with as few dribbles as possible. These drills work on dribble moves and finishing at the rim with different types of lay-ups and pull-up jump shots.

    Coach Auriemma demonstrates how he prepares players for UConn's offensive system by simulating his offense with drill work. You'll see seven breakdown drills that use two and three players to refine parts of his 1-4 high offense. Players work on basket cuts and UCLA cuts for lay-ups, scoring off of down screens and back screens, and getting posts involved as a scorer or facilitator with back cuts and handoffs.

    1-4 High Offense

    Starting with a wing pass and cut, you will learn how to run multiple actions from the 1-4 high set that are triggered based on various entries into the offense. See how to flow into side ball screens, free shooters off of down screens and make plays from off-ball screens at the wing. Coach Auriemma shows how making adjustments can take advantage of mismatches or counter a defense that denies entries into the high post.

    In addition to these actions that can be run from their primary offensive set, Coach Auriemma shares four set plays that can be run with the 1-4 high alignment.

    Attacking Zone Defenses

    The 1-4 set can also be used to attack zone defenses. Coach Auriemma loves to use this alignment to force zone defenses into 1-on-1 match-ups. He outlines the basic philosophy for his zone offense, and presents several strategies for attacking the 2-3 and 1-2-2 zone defenses that will create open 3-point attempts or post up opportunities.

    This video will give you offensive strategies to get easy buckets against both man and zone defenses from one of the winningest women's basketball coaches of all time!

    Produced at the Fall 2015 Toronto clinic.

    74 minutes. 2016.

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